Your Premier Fence & Gate Company in Fresno, CA.

As a premier fence and gate company in Fresno, CA, we pride ourselves on our selection of high-quality fences that are designed to provide homeowners with increased security as well as improved privacy. A fence from our company not only makes your Fresno home look better, but these fences also increase the value of your property. Whether you are looking for an ornate and artistic fence, or you’d prefer a simple, functional and low maintenance fence, we have the perfect product for you.

Our specialty in gate and fencing serves both residential yard enclosures, commercial property and large perimeter fences. Customers have the choice of chain link, vinyl, and wrought iron fencing. There are many masonry, concrete, powder coating, and paint options to suit your new or existing structures.

Chain Link Fence

If you are looking for a low-maintenance and affordable fence, then a chain link fence is the perfect choice. This is a versatile fencing option, and allows you to maintain visibility around your yard without compromising your security. Chain link is a flexible material that is easily installed in almost any type of outdoor space. Many dog owners choose chain link when fencing in their yards in order to allow their animals to safely enjoy their outdoor areas. In addition, chain link prevents unwanted critters and intruders from accessing your property.

Wrought Iron Fence

Installing a wrought iron fence is truly an investment for your home. This fencing option includes ornate, sculpted iron that is designed to be durable and last a lifetime. It is a premium fencing option, but many homeowners appreciate the fact that wrought iron fences add value to their home. The wrought iron fence is the best choice for people who are truly concerned about their security, and want to protect their property. It not only protects the area, but it also looks beautiful once it is installed.

Vinyl Fence

Decades ago, many people chose to have fences built out of wood. Now, vinyl is the premier material choice for fences in the Fresno area. It is an eco-friendly material that also is durable. It is designed to look like wood, so it still gives a fence the understated, classic appearance once it is installed. Vinyl is stronger than wood, and it also requires less maintenance, making it the perfect choice for a homeowner who is looking for more privacy in their own home.

As your local fence company in Fresno, CA, we are willing to help you decide what type of fence works best for your property, your security needs and your budget. We have a variety of materials and styles available to choose from, but it’s important to assess your needs before making your final decision. The style of your home and its location should be taken into consideration, and you should also note the reasons that you want to install a fence. A homeowner who wants to enclose a space for their pet will have different fencing needs than a homeowner who wants to secure the border of their home. For more information, contact our company today.

We serve the following cities: Sanger, Clovis, Reedly, Kerman for Wrought Iron Gates & Fencing.